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Child Pornography Hurts is a registered Canadian Charity. All donations are eligible for a Canada Revenue Tax receipt. We help child pornography victims become survivors. We are fighting to end child pornography. Please help us help the children through therapy; and through educational sessions to the public, students, professionals and the like – to keep Canadians informed.

To donate, please click on the link below for a secure donation web site. The funds go directly to Child Pornography Hurts.

Donate Now Through!

You can also go to ChangeIt to have portions of credit card purchases donated to Child Pornography Hurts.   Sign up on the site to register for this easy way to donate to our charity.  Child Pornography Hurts is listed in the “Partners” section.  Go to ChangeIt to learn more.

We are pleased to announce that AIR MILES collectors can now use their cash miles to donate to Child Pornography Hurts.  To learn more, please visit Air Miles.

Call us at 519-854-1249 if you have comments or questions.


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